Buy Artisan Vegan Cheeses Online!!

photo from Miyoko's Kitchen

photo from Miyoko’s Kitchen

Miyoko Schinner, goddess of vegan cheeses, has opened a store where you can purchase her wonderful creations! AND they can be purchased online and shipped to you. Very very exciting, as it’s fairly time consuming to make your own quality cheeses. We just received our first order (the Fairfax), and let me tell you – AMAZEBALLS. Each cheese is delicious in its own right, and doesn’t make me miss cow’s milk cheeses. And that’s saying a lot – because I miss cheese a LOT. I’ve never been able to like the current vegan cheeses available in the store (Daiya, etc), as they just taste… funky. And not at all cheesy. But these? Creamy, flavorful, not at all funky. Perfect on a cheese plate with fruit, nuts, and lovely wine… I’ve served it to a few dairy eaters, and they ate it all up, too!

I met Miyoko once at a wine-maker’s dinner at Millenium (the delicious, fancy vegan restaurant in SF), and she was a pleasure to chat with, and is very passionate about her cheese making. I told her how she has helped me greatly in cutting out cheese (namely from her book), and how excited I was about her producing and selling all her different cheeses. Her passion to help end the suffering of animals has given us a fantastic and easy way to cut out that last, most difficult part of becoming vegan.

I highly highly highly recommend these cheeses, and wish Miyoko all the best of luck in growing her new business!

4 thoughts on “Buy Artisan Vegan Cheeses Online!!

  1. Hi Veronica–great plug for Miyoko’s cheese–she deserves it! My daughter in law got her book and is apparently making some amazing cheese. I am looking forward to sampling a little over the holidays. 🙂 xo

    • Thanks, Maria! It made my year to see her doing this, and I want nothing but success for her. 🙂 Partially selfish reasoning, because if she gets super popular, hopefully it’ll spur a lot more artisan vegan delights to be available (making vegan easier and easier to be). I hope you like what you taste this holiday season! xoxo

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