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thumbsupIt’s always hard to find products and restaurants that cater to specific dietary concerns. You try a bunch, waste a lot of money, start feeling like it’s hopeless and you’ll never taste anything delicious again… And then you find one thing that delivered. So you have a touch of hope. But then more crap to weed through… So I decided to start putting together a list of the “winners” I’ve found through all this. And believe me – I have gone through a LOT of disgusting stuff. Now you don’t have to!

So go on and peruse my “product recommendations” tab up top (or click here). I’m also working on a restaurants reviews tab, but obvs, mostly focused in Seattle and the Bay Area (though I’ll throw in whatever I find while traveling). I will also continue to add and modify the lists as time goes on and I find/try new things. So check back periodically!

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