Nasu Dengaku

DSC00872There’s this Japanese restaurant we always went to for sushi and this – nasu dengaku, or basically eggplant with a miso sauce. Sadly, we don’t go anymore because they don’t have or use tamari (srsly, Nishino? You charge a LOT, and you can’t help a gluten-free patron out? Make me bring my own bottle? Come ON. You suck at empathy and helpfulness. But I digress.). I’m not a fan of eggplant… But in this? It’s heaven.

So anyway, I found out they deep fry their eggplant, which isn’t good anyway, so I went on a hunt to find my own. I found out that most nasu dengaku recipes call for broiling the eggplant. Wahoo! There’s at least one way to do something with eggplant that I find edible! (We’re not an aubergine loving family here.)

Of the sites I found, this one had a recipe I thought was perfect. Even in the way of cutting the eggplant in rounds vs lengthwise for better edibility (is that a word?), so visit her site and try this one out! I didn’t modify anything, and using both methods – with and without sake – turn out delicious.

6 thoughts on “Nasu Dengaku

  1. Veronica, These look heavenly–I am so trying this if I find a good eggplant left around these parts!! Thanks–and they are so pretty! Would go nice with veggie sushi or a sushi salad. xo

    • I hope you can find some last bits of eggplant!! It would go perfect with veggie sushi or salad – or a nice miso soup, if it’s cold out… 🙂

  2. Ok, I made these tonight and almost ate the entire dang eggplant. The next time we have our vegan friends up for dinner, these are going to be on the menu. The toasted sesame seeds and green onions put them over the top.
    Keep on keeping on Little Squirrel. You’re in our thoughts every day.


    • Awww, yay! And thanks. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it! I, too, think the sesame seeds and green onions are critical – and it’s so easy to eat a whole eggplant this way. We always fight over who gets the last piece…

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