Patients know better than their Doctors…

An interesting blog post I read on the Overcoming MS website. It’s so true! Few doctors are willing to accept/admit that dietary and lifestyle changes make living with MS better. I never understood why they would ignore so much evidence, but reading this tells that most all doctors in the US do not go through any nutritional training, whereas in other parts of the world they do. It’s also excused as not an option because people are hard to change and most won’t adapt to the stricter guidelines. Whaaaat? I’m sorry, but I’m willing to change to be healthy. To stay out of that wheelchair, to still feel a loved one’s touch. Yes, I miss cheese and meat and lush desserts… But it’s not worth it. Living is. Doctors need to step up, adapt quickly, and have more faith in their patients. Drugs are not always the best solution.

One of the comments: It has been 63 years since Swank started his study, and the vast majority of neurologists are still unaware of his findings. One would think that if the slow diffusion of knowledge was the only factor involved, then dietary treatment for MS would have been in common use for over 40 years. The NMSS has been actively suppressing Swank’s findings for years, for reasons that I can only assume come from unwillingness to give its partners in the drug industry any competition from free treatments. The neurologists are flattered into thinking that they are intelligent, yet they let the NMSS do their thinking for them, not suspecting that the NMSS has been corrupted. My solution is to have nothing to do with the NMSS or any neurologist that does not recognize the importance of Swank’s work. As my Swank-friendly neurologist told me: “Stay away from doctors, they will kill you.”

Anyway, the article is a good read, with a few links of its own to other articles.

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