Fasting for Immunity?

plateHave y’all seen this? It’s pretty interesting. Essentially, fasting for 2-4 days seems to kill off old, lame immune cells and spurs regeneration of new, healthy immune cells. This stem cell-based regeneration has been shown to be helpful in chemo patients (increased tolerance and recovery) as well as auto-immune disorders (including MS). Of course, speak with your doctor before trying anything like this, but I know I’m going to chat with my naturopath about it. Only a couple days can’t really hurt, but can possibly be extremely helpful!

There was also an article accompanying this one that shows that meat and cheese eating in middle-age may just up your cancer risk, equating it to that of long-term smoking. As if I need another reason to stay away from meat & cheese!

Stay healthy!

4 thoughts on “Fasting for Immunity?

  1. Sent you an email. Barb’s naturopath has been a long time advocate of this type of fasting to “reset” the body. He does it several time a year and swears by it.

  2. Thanks, Veronica–this is really interesting. Sounds a lot like what they teach at True North. I’m not sure I could do it though–I love to eat every day, even low fat!! 🙂

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