Where have I gone??

I know my posts have been very scarce lately – and I have a good reason! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy. Our realtor in the Bay Area found a house she thought we’d love, so we took a last minute flight down to check it out. We did, in fact, love it! So we put a bid on it, and …. we won!! 3rd time’s a charm, I guess! So then we turned around and flew back home, only to start prepping our current house to go on the market.

IMG_1221(Here’s a picture of Gypsy, the beautiful Belgian Draft horse at the barn. She’s currently blocking my exit from her paddock ’cause she wanted more attention and pets.)

Anyway, so the house went on the market last Wednesday; since then, it’s been random showings – a realtor calls, and we have to vacate asap for someone to look at the house. And they’re always either early or late, so we have to have a huge buffer on either end. Suffice to say, I haven’t had much computer time, or cooking time, to post anything new! But we’re really hoping the house sells quickly, so keep your fingers crossed!

We’ll be moving in a couple weeks regardless, but it’d be great if the house was sold by then. Not only for the packing/moving convenience of not having to deal with showings at the same time, but also I’m not liking the whole two mortgages thing.

This is also keeping me from working out regularly – a realtor will call in the middle of a workout or run, and then I can’t shower for hours (not to mention stop in the middle and vacate the house, or stay outside in the freezing cold a lot longer than planned), and I’m noticing that I’m missing the exercise! So again, fingers crossed the house sells sooner than later. I’ve decided I’m like a cat – I like my routine and get grumpy when it’s messed with. 🙂

Anyway, I hope to get back to posting recipes soon!

Until then, please listen to this podcast from Dr. Jelinek about finding motivation to change: OMS-motivation. It’s about 10 minutes, and worth the time.

4 thoughts on “Where have I gone??

  1. Congratulations, Veronica!! Really appreciate the updates. All very exciting–and kinda stressful, even if you don’t have MS–so be sure to take gentle care of you. Always good to hear what you’re up to, even if you don’t have a recipe to share. Love the horse blocking your way to get more pets!! So happy for you guys too. A new adventure begins. xo

    • Thanks, Maria!! I’m glad you liked my picture and update. I keep forgetting to make time for things like rest and meditation, but I’m realizing that regardless, I need to do it! So even if my “scheduled” time gets bumped by a showing, I need to fit it in right afterwards, even if it means moving/bumping some of the other things I had to do. The horses definitely help in keeping me grounded! They just know when I need to chill, and bump me with their snouts to get me back from wherever my mind was worrying. Overall, I’m really excited about this new chapter – just gotta get over this last hurdle… 🙂 xoxo

  2. Love Draft Horses. The look on that horse’s face just says “You want ME to move??? Go ahead, make my day”

    • That is *exactly* what she was thinking! 🙂 I had to spend an extra 5 minutes petting her and talking to her before having to physically push her out of the way… I’m gonna miss these horses!

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