“Blood Blockage Theory” article

An article a friend forwarded to me, interesting take on a possible cause/cure for MS. Opening blocked blood vessels. Looks to be a safe procedure, too! I hope more is done to validate this, and hoping it helps a lot of folks out there.

Article link –> BBC: MS “Blood Blockage Theory” Tested

Update: Looks like this has been disproven as a solution. Still, it seemed to have helped some people, and at least means there are people actively searching for a cause and cure.

2 thoughts on ““Blood Blockage Theory” article

  1. HI Veronica–this was first in the news a few years ago–it’s basically a stent kind of procedure–and the research makes a lot of sense–but the MS Society here quickly jumped on the bandwagon and before long had the Italian doctor first responsible saying publicly for people with MS not to stop taking their medications or use this in place of them. So maddening. And no one publicly drew the dots between how since this is so much like heart disease, that diet would also address it, or be a good companion to it. But that’s very easy to see to anyone willing to look. I think there is one guy on the Swank discussion board that has had this procedure. He has posted about it, but can’t remember his name. Thanks for passing this article about it along! Hope you don’t my heavily editorialized comment, but it’s hard for me to be neutral about these things!!

    • Your comments are always welcome! Especially the ranting ones. 🙂 I was reading through the comments on one of these articles, and it’s sad how many people don’t realize the diet/lifestyle link! Obviously it’s more than that, as not everyone who eats/lives poorly gets MS, there has to be a specific trigger in certain people, but the diet for those who DO have it is proven over and over. It’s frustrating to me, too! I hate seeing people in power push drugs only, instead of focusing on the whole picture. Things are changing, though, slowly, thanks to the likes of Swank and Jelinek – and the other doctors and scientists looking for an actual cause-cure.

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