A New Name

You may have noticed a new name and url for this site…

Since I have no idea what dietary changes will be coming in the future, I figure gfvegaquarian is a bit limited as a name. Who knows- maybe I’ll someday add in eggs, or remove fish, or something, and then the name wouldn’t work… So I’m changing the name! I’m always going to be primarily plant-based, so I think “Plantiful Eats” will work well. Kinda cute, huh? Plus a bunch of other names I thought of were already taken (thanks, internet!), so you take what you can get. 😉

Same site, new name! gfvegaquarian.com will still direct here for the next 4 months, but afterwards it’ll be plantifuleats.com – so change your bookmarks! I’ve updated my FB, twitter, and pinterest pages, as well. (See links to each in the “socialize” section on the right.)

Thanks for keeping along with me here, and some patience as I make updates to the blog to get all this sorted out.

7 thoughts on “A New Name

  1. Veronica, I am really sorry to hear about your accident. I just lost a comment on your earlier post. I am having trouble with WordPress letting me through to comment, but if this gets through, I am writing to say I’m glad you are all okay, your feel better soup looks just wonderful and so nourishing, and now a technical question–do I need to resubscribe to the new blog name? Which I LOVE. Brilliant. Plantiful Eats. Wish I’d thought of it!! LOL

    • Thanks, Maria! It was scary, but it’s good we’re all fine. The soup was just what we needed upon our return!
      For you and others with the subscribe question – I don’t think you need to resubscribe to continue getting emails about new posts. The only thing is if you had direct links/bookmarks to the old site name (website, pinterest, twitter, facebook), you’d have to update that.

  2. Okay, this time I got around WordPress–meant also to say that I have been so overwhelmed myself that it took me a couple of days to realize Plantiful Eats was YOU! I thought maybe it was something else I’d subscribed to and couldn’t remember. I tell ya. . .:) Anyway, congrats on the new name, Veronica, it’s splendid!

    • haha! It was a sudden change – I probably should have written up a plan to change under the old name first… But, well, what’s done is done. Hopefully all my subscribers figure it out, too!
      I’m glad you like the name! I thought it was pretty clever, too. 🙂

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