The Great Bread Debacle of 2013

Ah, bread. I wasn’t much of a make-my-own bread baker before… But now with GF in the mix, if I want non disgusting bread-like products, I have to make it myself (the stuff in the store is laughable and ridiculously bad). Although once we’re in SF, there’s Mariposa bakery, which is delicious! Excited about that!

I found a basic loaf-bread recipe in the book “Allergen Free Baking” and it was pretty easy to put together. It rose really well (like probably too well), but about 30 minutes in to the 40-45min suggested baking time, I look in, and it’s burnt on top… And over 205degrees on the inside. I quickly take it out of the oven to cool and then wait to slice into it (as I was told GF breads need to be cooled completely before cutting into them, otherwise they’ll be gummy or something).

DSC00855I take it out of the pan, and it’s all skeehawed… Then I slice into it, and, well, it looks like it’s not quite done in places. But it should be. I have no idea what happened… Maybe too long of a rise? Too hot an oven? Too much moisture? Whatever happened, this is how it turned out. (Any expert bakers out there know what happened?)

DSC00859At least I got a decent sized air pocket!! I thought those were nonexistant in GF breads… And it actually tasted good, so at least it was edible after cutting out all the … defective bits.

I will have to keep working on this… Obvs… 😉

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