Grilled Portobellos and Radicchio with Veggies and Rice

DSC00604Summer is grilling season!! Even though meat is no longer on the table (unless you count fish, but  I don’t, that’s more just fish, and meat is meat… Which probably doesn’t make much sense, but whatevs), there’s plenty to grill.

M and I are not really fans of the portobello. But, times change, and so possibly, will we! My in-laws forwarded us a recipe for a marinade claiming it was amazing, so we had to try it. It turned out quite tasty – it’s essentially a teriyaki marinade but with balsamic instead of soy, so how could you go wrong there?

The recipe is here: Ginger Marinated Portobellos
Next time, I think I’ll make the following changes – reduce pineapple juice to 1/4 C, split the balsamic to be balsamic + tamari, and add a couple cloves of chrushed garlic and some Sriracha to make it spicy.

DSC00602The CSA gave us some radicchio – but not your typical radicchio. This one looks like romaine or something, but is super bitter. It grills up nicely, and goes great with my basic balsamic dressing (see my “dressings” post). To counter the extra bitterness, I added some agave to the balsamic (about 1-2 t) and then drizzled the final bit with that super thick sweet balsamic you save for special occasions. That made the salad!

Steamed up some rice, and then also quick steam/sauteed some veggies (carrots and snow peas with fresh green onion) as the sides, and voila! Beautiful day for grilling and enjoying the outdoors.

And there was this random frog we found on our table. Huh? It’s odd. It was just sitting there. I have no idea how it got there. I hope we don’t have a stalker. DSC00606

2 thoughts on “Grilled Portobellos and Radicchio with Veggies and Rice

    • Thanks, Maria! I hope you like the marinade. It goes very well with the meatiness of the mushrooms. This CSA is awesome with introducing me to new veggies, or at least making me eat some vegetables that I wouldn’t normally buy (e.g., fennel). I think I’m a CSA girl from now on!

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